Call For Papers

2nd International Symposium on Geo-Informatics (GEOSYM) 2022

Faculty of Geomatics (FOG) of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (SUSL) will host the 2nd International Symposium on Geo-Informatics (GEOSYM) 2022 on 30th November and 01st December 2022 via fully online platform. This is one of the main academic events to be organized during the GEOWEEK-2022 celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Geomatics.
The theme "Geo-Informatics for conquering new frontiers towards national development" is the focus on GEOSYM 2022.

GEOSYM 2022 is calling Abstracts/Extended Abstracts for the following domains.

Conference Tracks & Topics

  • Surveying & Geodesy
    Standards, Quality Assurance and Calibration
    Global Navigation Satellite Systems
    Geodetic Reference Frames
    Satellite Gravimetry, Earth Rotation, Geophysical Fluids and Geodynamics
    Deformation Modelling, Engineering Surveying
    Landslides Monitoring
    UAVs for Surveying
  • Land Management, Cadastre and Land Use
    Land policy and economy
    Land administration, domain modeling and 3D Cadastre
    Land tenure security for sustainable development, equity and prosperity
    Land and real estate markets, Mass appraisal of real estate, real estate development
    Multi-dimensional Cadastre and cadastral renewal
    Land consolidation and rural development
    Land rearrangements and urban regeneration
    Urban expansion, land use, land value capture, and housing
    Institutional innovation and private sector participation
    Disaster Assessment, Monitoring and Management
  • Hydrography
    The Blue Economy
    Coastal Development, Ports and Harbours
    Law of the Sea
    Oceanography and Meteorology
    Deformation Modelling, Engineering Surveying
    Offshore Exploration
    Maritime Heritage & Transport
  • Remote Sensing & GIS
    UAV & Terrestrial Photogrammetry
    Photogrammetry for Archeology and Cultural Heritage
    Laser Scanning and point cloud processing
    Digital Image Processing
    Big data analysis and management
    BIM, digital twinse, crowd source
    Web and internet GIS
    Geospatial Machine Learning
    Remote Sensing Applications
    Land Use and Land Cover Change Detection
    Indoor/Outdoor Modelling and Geocomputation
    Spatial analysis and disaster management

Abstract/Extended Abstract Submission Guidelines

Please follow the abstract guidelines and submit the Abstract/Extended abstract before 17th October 2022.